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QT-6000 Provides a Great Solution for Cafes & Restaurants

Stylish, sturdy design that looks good in any environment
  • Large, bright 12.1 LCD touch screen.
  • Adjustable screen angle for optimum viewing in any condition
  • Sturdy, solid metal die-cast construction.


Simplify and speed up your sales

The QT-6000 makes it easy for you to optimise your sales:

  • Intuitive user interface - clear, concise visual screen layout makes it easy for staff to learn quickly.
  • Graphical icons for popular selling items to stand out on screen.
  • One-touch operation quick and easy sales of popular items, allowing you to maximise sales in peak periods.
  • Sales prompts - such as for additional sales of side orders or details of cooking styles, to ensure you correctly prepare the customers order.
Print and display what you need to see

The QT-6000 allows you to print or display useful instructions for the kitchen or bar staff, without the customers receipt changing:

  • Recipes - for cocktails can print at the bar.
  • Menu numbers - can print in the kitchen.
QT-6000_Theme, 04.6.16, 0:01 PM,  8C, 4382x5478 (577+828), 87%, straight 6 sto,  1/20 s, R73.6, G62.0, B91.3Expert floor management

Helping you to manage your restaurant in busy times, the QT-6000 allows you to see the status of every table at a glance:

  • Multiple table layouts - three separate full screen table layouts, 10 half screen layouts and an open tab/check screen.
  • Current status display - easy identification of occupied tables, booked tables, tables with split bills and tables that have received their bill.
  • Improved customer service - when a customer comes into your restaurant without a reservation, you can immediately see when they can be seated.
Easy, secure operator log-on

The QT-6000 can help optimise your businesses security:

  • Dallas key log-on all staff can have a personalised Dallas key, which automatically logs them on to the terminal when it is inserted and logs them off when it is removed.
  • Price change authorisation - Dallas keys can be programmed to provide the authority for price changes. For example only the managers Dallas key can allow happy hour pricing to take affect.
  • Floating operators - allow staff can start an order at one terminal and finish it at another.
  • Advertising screen saver when no operator is logged on to a terminal an advertising message can automatically display.
Easy, graphical split bill operations

The QT-6000 makes splitting bills easy:

  • One-touch graphical screen - see all the items a table has ordered on the left side of the screen and the bill split on the right side.
  • Split the bill up to 10 different ways - you can even split the costs of a bottle of wine!
  • Simple item/ table transfer easily track what your customers have ordered, even when they move tables during the evening.
Reporting options to keep you in control of your stock and staff

To help you manage your business, the QT-6000 gives you a range of reporting options including:

  • Item and group to show you your key selling items and lines.
  • End of day cashing-up to show your daily turnover. Can be conducted per terminal and overall.
  • Time and attendance allows you to easily see when your staff have worked and compare their worked hours to sales turnover at that time to make it easy for you to optimise staff rosters.
  • Clerk reports allow you to monitor staff performance. You can monitor a range of options, including the number of voids/ no sales and how many sales made of a promotional item, allowing you to reward your best sales people.


Easy networking and secure communications between terminals

The QT-6000 can be networked using either Ethernet, TCP/IP or WLAN. As the QT-6000 uses a CASIO proprietary solid-state technology communications are more secure. Networked QT-6000s allow you to:

  • Share printers - orders can be printed at any networked printer from any terminal.  
  • Minimise programming time - changes made to one terminal are automatically made on the others.
  • Increase security - Key-stroke monitoring for additional security.


Fail safe data back-up for your peace-of-mind

The QT-6000 features a CompactFlash (CF) card slot allowing you to:

  • Back-up program data all QT-6000 program data can be routinely backed up onto CF card for peace-of-mind.
  • Save sales reports sales reports can be saved onto CF card and then easily transferred to PC for analysis.

Wireless handheld solution

The QT-6000 is able to link to the ORDERMAN DON, a Wireless Waitressing solution that improves your profitability, efficiency and customer service. Allowing your staff to submit orders remotely from the table means:
  • Faster order processing more time for kitchen to prepare orders and allowing more customers to be served
  • Increased sales Staff are always in the customer area and can ensure no potential sales are missed
  • Improved customer service - staff can be more attentive to customers, increasing customer value
  • Improved professionalism of staff the ORDERMAN DON is an attractive, professional looking device that will give your restaurant an edge over the competition
The ORDERMAN DON is a unique device, developed especially for the varied indoor/ outdoor hospitality environment:
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Bright monochrome display, with automatic backlight for viewing in dark conditions
  • Unique radio system makes it more reliable, less susceptible to interference and more secure than standard WLAN
  • Operates up to 50 metres away from the base station indoors and 300 metres away from the base station outdoors
  • Up to 16 hours continuous operation on one battery charge
  • Rugged terminal with water and drop resistance.

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