POS X - Dealer Downloads

POS X Programs

POS Client Ver 17 X

POS Client Ver 18 X

POS Client Ver 19 X

POS Client Ver 20 X

POS Client Ver 22 X

POS Client Ver 23X

POS Client Ver 24 X

Print Server X

Shopper Server X

HQ Files

Headquarters exe

Headquarters Reports

POS Install Files

20xInstall files

Crystal 10

Crpe32.dll ( ver XI )

POS X Utilities

PosUtils.exe to manage data import

POS FIX to repair damaged Database

POS X Databases

Blank with UnNamed Items and Menus

These programs are for update purposes or sample programs only. To use them in other Demonstration Mode you will need a registration, ring us on +61 (0)7 33904966 for further details