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Grocery and Fruit And Veg Solutions

We are a true 'bricks and mortar' Point of Sale company, so all prices below include
setup, 12 months on site warranty, installation and training. All carried out  by local staff
almost anywhere in Australia. You can also come to us and see these solutions in
action before making a decision.
All prices include a cash drawer and external receipt printer where needed.
Touchscreen Point Of Sale
(Please see software above for Back office sales reporting, stock control, electronic order and more, or call us for further info!) 

Nexa Jupiter Touch PC with Point 3 POS

The Nexa Jupiter combined with Point 3 POS is the ultimate tool to get the most out of your grocery or fruit and veg business. It has simple, fast operation, customer loyalty, integrated eftpos, scanning, scales, graphical item buttons, (for showing fruit and veg item images for example), and much much more.  If you want a touch screen system but aren't wanting some of the more high end features such as customer loyalty and integrated Eftpos, then the QT-6000 provides an ultra reliable system as it doesn't have a hard drive and doesn't use Windows.

$4750 inc receipt printer and cash drawer

(Scanners range upwards from $160)

Casio QT-6600 Rom Based Touch

Casio's ultra reliable ROM based, (no hard drive, no windows = greater reliability and length of life), touch screen POS. If you want an ultra reliable touchscreen POS system, but don't need features such as integrated Eftpos or a customer loyalty facility then this is the ideal solution. The Nexa Jupiter with Point 3 POS provides outstanding customer retention tools such as targetted SMS marketing and more, so if these features are important to you then consider that system.

Call for a Great Quote

(Scanners range upwards from $160)

Cash Registers

Casio TE-4000F

A workhorse model that is in use in many grocery or fruit and veg businesses. It's ideal for situations where scanning and possibly scales are wanted, but budget constraints prevent a touchscreen system. It can connect to a PC for electronic ordering, stock control and sales reporting, and much more. $2100 (inc cash drawer)

Casio TE-2400

The TE-2400 is a great solution for small convenience stores with up to 5000 barcoded items. It can work stand alone or linked to a PC for electronic ordering, stock control and more. If you don't need scales then this provides the building blocks for a low cost and yet still very powerful POS system when combined with our Point 3 back office system. $1400



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