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Cafe and Restaurant POS Solutions

We are a true 'bricks and mortar' Point of Sale company, and work is carried out  by our own staff.
You can also come to us and see these solutions in action before making a decision.

All prices include warranty,  installation, training, a cash drawer and external receipt printer where needed.

Touchscreen Point Of Sale

Point-3 POS on the NEXA Desire
15" Screen

If you want a Hosptality Specific system, that is easy to setup and use then you must look at this system.
It has a huge range of options for managing your Cafe or Restaurant, including  a choice of Graphic Table Layouts, four different clerk system to choose from, three ways to split a bill and many many other usefull options.
This is a great  system to manage the floor of the restaurant while not consuming you time with setup and operation.
You choose from a selection of terminals depending on your specific needs.

$4750 inc receipt printer and cash drawer


Casio QT-6600 Rom Based Touch

15" Screen

Casio's ultra reliable ROM based, (no hard drive, no windows = greater reliability and length of life), touch screen POS. The bigger brother of the QT-6100, the QT-6600 has the added abilities of a graphical table layout, hand held ordering and can connect large numbers of terminals together.

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Casio's ultra reliable ROM based touch screen POS. This isn't a PC, so no hard drives or windows equals greater reliability and longer length of life. It comes embedded with Casio's hospitality POS software and is a great solution for Cafe's and Restaurants. It's designed to handle large complex menus with ease, connect to receipt and kitchen printers, share table and menu information between multiple terminals and much more.

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Casio VX-100 Android Terminal

10" Tablet Style Screen

Casio's Latest Super Cool POS Terminal.

It is an integrated, tablet style, Android POS with Casios own Restraunt and Cafe Program.There are no hard drives, just the familiar Android platform we have become very used to on our phones and tablets.

It's designed for small to medium Restaurants and Cafes and will connect to receipt and kitchen printers, share table and menu information between multiple terminals and much more.

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Cash Registers

Casio's flagship cash register. With a 16 line colour display, the ability to connect multiple kitchen/bar printers and close and reopen tables across multiple cash registers, it provides much of the functionality of a touch screen, at a fraction of the price!

$2195  (inc cash drawer)

Casio TE-4000F

A workhorse model that is in use in many Cafe's and Restaurants. It's ideal for situations where there is no table service or only a single cash register is wanted. It can connect to a PC for stock control and sales reporting, kitchen/bar printer, barcode scanner and has a large 108 item keyboard.

$1998 (inc cash drawer)

Casio TE-2400

The TE-2400 is a high end cash register without the high end price tag! It can connect to a kitchen/bar printer, PC for stock control and sales reporting and more. It has a 77 item keyboard, so if that is all the items you need, but you still want high end features, then this is for you.


Casio SE-C300 and SE-C2000

Our entry level cash registers that are specifically designed for hospitality applications. They are well suited to those starting out in the hospitality industry or where your budget is limited. It doesn't have the ability to connect to a bar/kitchen printer or a PC for stock control or sales reporting, but still has a 72 item keyboard and is very sleek and stylish.

$698 - $990 depending on options


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